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In 1979 our company was founded in Turkey to provide medical services in the field of medical textiles to serve the needs of modern medical supplies and to raise the standards in the health sector.
YDS has established its position with an impressive rate of growth, as the primary supplier of military footwear to the largest military force in NATO, meeting the exacting demands of this toughest of customers in all theaters of activity. We have targeted the experience gained in this production to become a major supplier of Military Footwear. We have invested extensively in research and development, CAD/CAM, various alternative soling technologies and computerized stitching to enable us to stay at the “leading edge” of technical superiority. Our intention is to maintain the highest quality and performance standards in our products, supported by a significant extension to our in-house laboratory testing facility, enabling us to ensure all materials and processes conform to the European licensing standards. Our future is indeed bright, so why not share our success and join now in growing list of customers worldwide. Wherever the performance is a priority and foot comfort is required we ensure Your Demand is Satisfied. Having achieved the valued “Gore-Tex” license to manufacture military footwear, safety and occupational footwear we are confident that this will open up an extensive market for performance products using the technical support of a world brand leader.
Zarhal Tekstil was established in 2017 with the young and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit in order to create custom work wear designs for industry, private security, health and tourism sectors. To meet the needs of the global 4 main sectors with a wide range of products and experienced staff, to offer quality to consumers at affordable prices, to integrate rapidly growing technology is the basic principle. In this context, it is aimed to have a say in all sectors that we will serve by contributing to the development of the economy of the region and country and to create a new employment day by day.
INFO TEKSTIL is founded in 2003 in Istanbul and is specialized in the design, production and international marketing of Corporate Textile, Corporate Identity Wear & Gear and Corporate Fashion includin
Uniforms, which lasted until the design is ready for use from all production stages, takes place within our organization. The aim of this process all along, carefully standing on the details, all the quality controls necessary to reach the best result by making the products the most elegant and economical way.Personel uniforms, used almost every day for strength and durability of the products at least as important as style. Formup'da control tests are carried out each stage of production. Vission: To be an indispensable brand in Uniform Sector.
Our company was established to manufacture Protective Work Clothes and Active Sportswear from water and windproof breathable fabrics in its own facilities of 600 m2.
Baharoglu Textile is one of the largest limited company in the sector of uniform in Turkey and was established in 1974 and since then it has been developing continuously. Our company creates and gives professional solutions to customers about their uniforms and satisfying their needs. Our company is continuously receiving thanks and satisfactions from the customers on the quality of our garments. This gives us stimulus to improve our production and quality of products. We are proud to be the first choice of customers who need school, medical and worker uniforms. Currently we are working with several companies from all over the world such as USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Nigeria, Jordan, Latvia, Algeria, Malta, Moldova, Albania, Qatar, England, Senegal and others. Our Chair of the Board , Mehmet Baharoglu, and his young but dynamic managerial staff’s aim is to be leading firm, to get the products off to the customers in best and cheapest conditions by qualified people and high-technology either in production process or through Gaziantep and Estambul branches, to raise the service quality and work in this direction.